Wednesday, 8 March 2017

What to do on a rainy Wednesday?

So, what to do on a rainy Wednesday?  In my case, not a lot!  I've been laid up with the flu for what seems like an eternity.  The flu itself has long since got better but have some complications from it and am just not able to do very much.  Looking out of the window today is not very inspiring either!  I have, of course been playing around my favourite hook and yarns!  I have a few finished projects ready to photograph.

Hubby bought me the most wonderful crochet pattern - Max the African Flower Bulldog from Heidi Bears.  All I can say is 'Wow!'.  I love it!
I have completed one, but I want to make a couple of different colour variations from it.  It did take considerably longer to make than I anticipated, but was well worth it!  The pattern itself is a tad on the pricey side.  In fact I'd been toying with whether to buy it or not for a while.  Getting sick, and no inspiration pushed me into it.  Well, hubby got it for me (a bored crafter is a recipe for disaster!)  Anyway, forget the price, as I can now say I was being daft!  It's worth every penny.  Obviously I'm not a beginner, but it's so well written that even beginner could follow it.  I don't much like chart patterns.  I much prefer the written instructions.  No problem, as both are included, along with very detailed  pictures and written instructions on how to piece all these granny squares together!  That part, I was worried about as I've also been working on creating my own African Flower Owl pattern, and piecing all the bits together is a nightmare.  I prefer to join them as I go, but have got to near the end and realised it's not going together how I'd planned!  So back to the drawing board on that one (although I think I've mastered it now).  Anyway, Heidi Bears pattern was nice and easy to follow, so I can't recommend her patterns highly enough!  That's rare for me to say that.  Of course there's some beautiful patterns out there, but the complicated piecing together of this particular design was the tough part, but she made it easy to understand.  I've decided I'm going to sell my finished bulldogs.  They're just too cute not to!  Of course I'll update with piccies once the last two are finished, so watch this space!  In the meantime for any of you out there, like I was, wondering whether to get that pattern, all I can say is go for it!  They're available to buy here.  Or, of course if you don't have to time or can't crochet yourself, you can adopt one of my finished babies (expected birth date, anytime soon!)

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