Friday, 10 March 2017

New craft room

Today the sun is shining and I'm feeling inspired!  The reason for this is not the sun at all (us redheads fear it!) but it has more to do with the fact that he who mustn't be obeyed has agreed to let me have the craft room of my dreams!  Well, not exactly, but we are going to decorate/renovate the spare room and make it into a craft room.  I have a specific theme in mind.
He knows I require several tins of paint.  Several, he asked?! He thinks I'm going to paint it in a rainbow theme!  But I'm planning on shabby chic.  One wall currently has wood panneling on (as most old Dutch houses do) and the others are very rough plaster (I think) surfaces from having years of wallpaper, different coats of paint, pictures hung and goodness knows what.  So I've conviced him that instead of smoothing or resurfacing the walls that we should instead work with what we've got.  His face took on a kind of happy glow with that (that was before I mentioned 'several tins of paint' lol).  I could see him thinking 'she wants easy, and easy equals cheap. Great!')  Well, I'm happy for cheap too, as we are on a tight budget.  Isn't everyone?!  But I do want a nice space, that I can enjoy working in.

The room itself is fairly small, so I need to be creative about storage space.  I need a decent desk area as I always have several projects on the go.  Personal things as well as stuff to sell.  So I really want a large desk with built in storage.  I don't mean an executive thing with 3 drawers.  I'm thinking more than that.  So, Theo is going to build me a desk with built in shelving.  Here's the part that worries me, as I call him Frank Spencer!  He isn't that bad, but he most certainly is not a dab hand at DIY.  He can put up shelves and that kind of thing, but there is always a complaint about the 'crappy wall surface' when I ask why it isn't flush with the wall!  So, him building a desk makes me nervous! lol.

Whenever I read other peoples blogs, it seems their fellas (or indeed the girlies themselves) are pro DIYers.  Well, certainly not either of us!  I'm a crafter, but I'm hopeless at putting up shelves.  Never even tried!  I have put up curtain poles, but anything beyond changing a light bulb is a challenge for me!  Theo is only marginally better!  Yet whenever we set foot into a DIY store, he heads straight for the 'toy section' as I call it - drills and stuff.  Man toys!  I leave him to it, and very quickly find the one tiny section they have with pretty vases and decor!  He comes to find me once he realises that I'm not by his side to share his enthusiasm on buying yet another man toy he doesn't know what to do with!  Funny thing is, everywhere I look online, peoples husbands/boyfriends are like pros with DIY, yet none of my friends or their partners are, so I don't think we're alone!  But I think we can pull this project off!  Anyway, my thoughts are to turn the wood paneling wall into a shabby chic wall.  Build up several layers of paint, and sand it down to show bits of colour from all the layers.  Then do the desk to match.  I haven't actually seen that done on a wall, but I think it will look good.  The rest of the room to just paint it in a plain colour and I can accessorise how I wish.  So, it's not half as ambitious as it sounds.

I'm not quite sure when we're going to do this.  The desk will be the biggest project, and probably quite costly too so I shall probably have to make do with our old computer desk for a bit longer.  But we are going to work on the decorating part as soon as I'm better.  So, watch this space.  I really hope it works now that I've shared it with the world!
Distressed wall, shabby chic

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