Thursday, 16 March 2017

Max, the crochet African Flower Bulldog, part two

Just a quick update on my African Flower Bulldog progress.  Well, the second one is now complete and I've made good progress on the third since taking these pictures!  This one, I wanted to create a mischievous look.  I mean, all dogs have their own personality, don't they?!  So, instead of doing flowers as the pattern is intended, I decided to give him a patch and create him in plain colours.

Crochet Max the African Flower Bulldog

I wasn't sure if it would work, but I think he does indeed look very mischievous, so I'm pleased with how he turned out.  His ear, of course, does go down, but he turned into a bit of a poser once placed in front of the camera!

As a pet owner myself, (well, more of an employee actually!), I couldn't help but have a favourite with these little guys, and this one was it!  Despite my doubts of how he'd turn out!  My very own dog in real life was adopted from a shelter - which I prefer to do as I like to give a good home to an animal in need rather than a puppy who will be snapped up.  However, if I was choosing from a litter of pups, I would always go for the one with either something wrong (not that this little guy has!) or the naughty/mischeivous looking one was oodles of character!  That's just me, of course, but that is what I wanted to create, and I think I've achieved that with this one!

Now for the final one in this 'litter' - sorry, but I can't help using daft terminology as I've had such a blast making these and adding my own little touches to them.  The second was my favourite, but I think this third one is going to take that place.  How bad is that?!  Us pet employees know we shouldn't have favourites!  I don't yet know what kind of expression he'll have, but I just lurrrrve the colours.  I decided to make this one with full flower colours rather than solid block patterns.  I prefer the same colours all over rather than multi, but I wanted to use the pattern to the max.  Since taking this picture, I have made huge progress.  In fact he is nearly finished, but I haven't photographed him yet.  So, just a little preview for now, I'm afraid!

Crochet Max the African Flower Bulldog

Can you imagine what he is going to look like yet?  He is the equivalent of the cute, fluffy one that you just have to take home with you!  He still needs some more work, but he'll be ready very soon.  Just a reminder that these are made from a Heidi Bears pattern, not my own design.  The pattern can be found here.  Alternatively, watch this space to adopt one I've made instead.  I rarely do others patterns, but this one was just too cute not to, as I'm sure you'll agree!  If you missed the first one, you can read about in this post.

Now, I'm off to watch the election results unfolding.  I didn't get a vote here, but after Brexit, I am quite curious as to how Dutchies will vote!

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