Tuesday, 13 December 2016

AWOL, but now back!

After an extended an unplanned absence from blogging and crafting, I am now back!  Where to start!  I've had such a busy time.  I'm now married, we've moved house.  Got a new addition to the family......no, not what you are thinking.....we have a now 9 month old kitten lol.  Of course I have been crafting, that will never stop, but with one thing and another, I had to put the site and blog on hold.  There simply weren't enough hours in the day.

First, our wedding.
 We had a lovely day.  As I think most weddings go, everything that could go wrong beforehand, did!  But it all came together perfectly on the day.  We had a small, intimate ceremony, which was just perfect, followed by a buffet in our own home.  That was the biggest headache of all, as we did all the work ourselves, so it was a big last minute rush.  All the planning in the world could not prepare us for making all the food  at the last minute - wanted it all fresh, obviously.  Anyway, it came together, but there were a few hairy moments when it looked like we wouldn't have a wedding cake, and lack of room in the fridge to store it all, but we did it!  We had a few small surprises too, and fun things, like a candyfloss machine.  We took off for a quiet honeymoon the following day.  We took our dog with us - yes, some may quesiton that, but he's part of our family, so that was a no brainer that he had to come along too!

Shortly after our wedding, we moved house.  It was on the cards, but the move came a lot sooner than we had anticipated.  We moved into an old house, and like most people, wanted to put our stamp on it.  So we spent a great deal of time decorating, laying laminate floors etc.  That seemed never ending, and we still have a lot to do, but our budget has slowed us down somewhat lol.

I'd always wanted a cat.  My husband (it still feels strange calling him that!) doesn't question these things.  He loves animals too, but he thought our zoo was big enough.  However, we had agreed that if/when we no longer lived right by a busy road, that we'd consider getting a cat.  I think he only agreed to that to shut me up.  However, our new house is not by a busy road, so I decided he had to keep to his word...and even when she wakes us at 3am, he doesn't mind a bit!  She is now 9 months old, and a little devil!  She seems to have claimed me as her favourite member of staff!  Yes, I worded that correctly, as any cat employee will know, we're not owners, merely staff!

The cat and dog both get on well, and he accepts the cat is head of the household now!  As we do, also!  We keep the budgies separetely though.  The cat loves them (maybe a little too much), so they are housed in their very own room.  They blessed us with 4 chicks earlier this year.  It wasn't planned at all, not on my part, but they had other ideas.  Upon seeing the first egg, I thought it probably wouldn't be fertile, and she probably wouldn't lay any more.  When the second egg came along, I started to get suspicious.  After a few days, I checked, and sure enough they were all fertile.  She laid four eggs in total, and all four hatched and survived!  I did 'breed' cockatiels years ago, so I wasn't completely in the dark, although it was my first time with budgies.  I don't consider I bred at all, as they did all the work!  I'm not a breeder, just a pet owner, and I don't encourage or discourage them, nor are they paired for breeding.  I do also know what to do if anything goes wrong, so for anyone reading this, please do not think it's all roses and easy! You must know what you're doing and how to deal with all sorts of things that can go wrong. Having said that, all went well....and we now have 7 budgies!

My Mother-In-Law sadly passed away back in the summer, so that too was a difficult time, and still is.  For my husband and his family, this will be the first Christmas without her.  Men being men, they are all hiding their grief, but I know it's painful for them all.

As a child, I had private piano lessons, and went on to learn flute and clarinet, and to study music at the Conservatoire in France.  I hadn't touched a piano in almost 20 years, but I so missed it.  Well, my husband bought me a digital piano for my birthday this year, so I'm back in to my music.  Music and crafting are my two real passions in life.  Until getting the piano, I rarely played anymore, because the flute and clarinet are so loud, and lets face it, when playing alone they sound rather dull and I don't want to upset neighbours.  Now I can play on the piano at 3am if I so choose - just plug the earphones in!  Bliss!  So, when I don't have a felting needle or crochet hook in my hand, I can now be found sat at the piano, tinkering away!  I'm like a kiddie in a toy shop!

Turned out lounge into the usual Christmas wonderland too!  I started on what I thought would be a quick 1-2 hour project - making a couple of crochet snowflakes to hang.  But then I decided they would look great as a kind of curtain of falling snow for the lounge window.  So that 2 hour project turned into 6 weeks, as we have a rather large bay window lol.  It does look good though, so I'm pleased.  We have a village scene along with fake snow on the windowsill, a 2 metre Christmas tree sat in the bay recess, and of course I couldn't resist getting some outside lights........every year, I say we have enough decorations, and I won't buy any more.......every year, I break that promise!  Well, strictly speaking, apart from the outside lights, I didn't break it this year, as I made the snowflakes!  Now, that's food for thought....perhaps enough so, that I can persuade hubby I NEED and can afford those Prada shoes after all?!  (I already know the answer to that one - I can get some more Christmas decorations! lol)

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