Thursday, 15 December 2016

Almost Weekend!

Thank goodness it is weekend (almost!).  Yep, I know, it's only Thursday, but for any non Dutchies reading this, weekend starts on Thursday afternoon for most people in the Netherlands!  Most only work a 4 day week, and most have Friday off - yet nowhere seems to be closed on Fridays due to lack of staff (that one still baffles me!).  Anyway, he who mustn't be obeyed shall be home from work in an hour or so, and we're off out for some much need retail's shopping night!   Not only is it shopping night, but its the run up to Christmas, so Christmas shopping here we come!  He thinks we're having a quiet night in, so he will be, erm.....surprised! lol

After considerable hard work, I got my site back up yesterday.  Still need to work on a couple of minor things, but am pleased to be back in the running again!  I almost forgot to mention, I got a new toy a couple of weeks ago....a new camera.  Well, I needed a better camera for snapping micro crochet and tiny miniatures.  I have some knowledge of photography, but I mean some.  Actually very little!  But I did know I needed a macro camera/lens.  So, off we went shopping (that is one of my stronger skills, even if I do say so myself!), and came back with a nice shiny Canon 750D.....more buttons, dials and settings than I know what to do with, but I'm learning!  Really enjoying playing about with it actually.  Got some amazing piccies that I'd certainly never imagined I'd ever do.  When we had the heavy frosts and cold spell a couple of weeks ago, I had just got the camera then, so was straight out in the garden.  I admit, a lot is trial and error still at the moment.  Change a setting, and see what it does.  If I don't like it, or it's a huge fail, put it back!  I am picking it up, slowly.  Any tips/idiots guides would be greatly reveived if any readers wish to share!  I did, however get some great close ups of frosty garden scenes.  Quite arty, in fact.  Especially for me, as a glasses wearer I all but gave up on taking decent photos until digital cameras came out.  I simply wasted film after film in chopping peoples heads off, cutting people out of the picture altogether, or being out of focus.  Other glasses wearers didn't seem to have that problem, so perhaps it was just me, but I blamed my glasses getting in the way!  When digital cameras came out, all that changed, and I enjoyed being able to snap half decent piccies.  But I still only stuck to fairly simple compact cameras.  Anyway, now I have this very nice DSLR to play with and to get to learn.  I will say, even as a complete beginner, the difference it's makiing in my pics - both for personal use and website, is amazing - and I still have a LOT to learn!

Although my website was somewhat neglected for a while, I was still crafting around my crazy schedule.  I've created a few new items.  I've been doing a lot of crochet.  All sorts, from hundreds of delicate snowflakes - that started off as one, it was going to be a simple Christmas hanging ornament, but then I decided to make enough to fill our lounge window.  Also made a couple of shawls, some winter hats, and of course it goes without saying some amigurumis and when the light is good enough I'm also working on a micro crochet project.  I need good daylight for that as it's so hard to see - really must get one of those daylight craft lamps.  It's on the shopping list!  Will update with pics once I get around to it.....of course I have some, but I know I can do better now I have a decent camera!  So I shall try to get them snapped over the weekend!

I don't believe in mocking or being rude about a person specifically, so I shall keep this nice.....I would genuinely like to congratulate the telesales man who phoned me at 8.30pm last night.  Like most people at that time, I was just sat chilling.  I have a few irrational dislikes/fears.....spiders is one.  I HATE them.  Nothing could scare/repulse me more, except perhaps for pushy sales people.  I had earlier in the day sang 'Jingle Bells' to this guys colleague.  Well, not directly to her.  I just placed my phone on the table, and carried on with the housework, as you do, cat wailing at the top of my voice - I can't sing for toffee, by the way.  When I checked my phone a little while later, she'd gone, so I don't think she liked my rendition, but hey ho.  Her colleague last night, was something else though.  These pushy ones, and ones that think it's ok to call at that time of the evening, repulse me more than spiders do.  (I'm being polite here!)  But this guy was genius......he didn't get the info he wanted from me, of course, but hubby and I laughed so much we both had stitches.  Sales guy hung up in despair in the end too!  So I call that a win - win!  Before he hung up, I led him on such a dance that I don't think he even knew what day of the week it was.  Some things were so ridiculous, that it truly hurt my poor side.  He was trying to sell some energy package, and wanted to get out of me who our gas/electric suppliers are - I didn't tell him anything!  I told him we didn't have gas/electric and that I was currently sat by candle light - he actually believed it until I couldn't stop laughing!  How he thought I'd charged my phone that he called me on, without electric, is beyond me, but he genuinely lapped up all I told him!  He even wanted me to go on to my online banking to see how much we pay!  I kid you not!  I didn't go online, but I gave him a few time wasting answers of course.  The conversation ended when he got REALLY pushy, so I announced we don't pay our bills as we're in expat accomodation - bills included (load of rubbish of course, as we do pay our own bills, and are not in expat accomodation at all - but i'm a foreigner here, so it seemed a plausible was of making him strike me off his list, because nothing else had worked!).  Sure enough, that did the trick!  He hung up!  Today (so far, has been the 1st day in weeks I haven't had a call - and all from that same company.  They won't take me off their list, won't take no for an answer, and only 'Jingle Bells' freaks them out!  Well, that and wasting their time and mocking them!  So, I can't be rude about that particular man.  He gave me a good 30 minutes of pure side stitching laughter!  For any telesales people out there.....I'm really not sorry!  I have no shame!

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