Monday, 2 March 2015

Back to my neglected blog after a short unplanned break!

Well, my blog has been somewhat neglected of late.  Christmas seems so long ago now, but I was taking a short break afterwards as I was feeling a bit burnt out from all the festivities, and had a bit of crafters block syndrome.  Still have the latter a bit to be honest, but have something waaaay bigger on my mind......

Theo and I are getting married!

So, at the moment, I'm rather distracted with all things sparkly, lacy, flowers, venues etc!  I am still of course dabbling with a few craft projects, and keeping an eye on the site.  But I must admit I haven't done an awful lot!
So, a Dutch wedding is on the cards!  I never thought I'd see the day!  Only a few years ago, I told myself 'never again!', and I meant it too!  Now though, I'm exercising my rights as a woman to be indecisive, and change my mind!  Theo and I have lived together for quite a while now, and I was suspecting he might have been having strange thoughts....either that or a mid life crisis!  Something was definitely up, that I knew for sure!  It was indeed strange thoughts!  Phew!  I was getting worried he might have been thinking about buying a Ferrari or something equally as daft (no boot in those, no good for shoe shopping) I'll spare some of the details as it's personal to us, but it was at the back of my mind that he was thinking about taking me out for a surprise dinner or something along those lines to pop the question.  I just knew he was thinking about it, and was hoping he didn't do the big dinner, or some other big thing.  I'm not the typical girl that likes that kind of thing, and complete strangers all having a gawp from the next table.  He didn't do that at all, and I didn't suspect a thing!  He caught me completely unawares!  It was perfect!

Obviously, family will be the first to know all the details, of where and when (when we book a date and venue), so I can't give too much away on here yet, other than we're busy busy busy organising things!  We both want a very small and intimate wedding, but there's still a lot to plan.  I have my dress already, but that is well and truly under wraps!  No piccies, sorry! :P  My initial thought was to go for a nice evening gown or even cocktail dress, partly because it's not the 'done thing' for a second time bride to wear the big white dress, and partly because we want it small and low key....however, upon checking out a few bridal shops, I melted, and now have the dress of my dreams!  Yes, I know, second time, it shouldn't be white.  I didn't have the big white dress of my dreams the first time round, and as far as I'm concerned it didn't even happen, but on paper.  It was an abusive marriage, and best forgotten about.  So, traditions and etiquette of what I should or shouldn't wear, I simply don't care about!  Plus, I want to look perfect for Theo, but it is also my dream too.  I'm not one of those girls who even dreamt about the perfect wedding, and dresses and things, but once again, I'm exercising my womanly rights to change my mind!

On that note, when I went dress shopping, I was so nervous.  I'm not a spring chicken anymore (not that old either), and I'm rather overweight at the moment.  I was worried in case none of the bridal shops had anything nice in my size, or that they might look down on me for being fat....and of course the dreaded lingo - me not speaking Dutch!  I've been here long enough now to know that most Dutchies speak almost perfect English, but nonetheless, I was nervous.  It's not like walking into a high street fashion store and just picking what you like off a rack.  A wedding dress needs to be fitted, and you need to be able to explain exactly what you want, or don't want even.  Well, my fears were completely unfounded.  I bought a dress from the very first bridal shop I visited!  After looking at various websites, I'd shortlisted a couple of bridal shops to visit, but I didn't make it to the others as I found exactly what I wanted in the first one! The lady who helped me, was I believe, the shop owner.  She was amazing.  Of course, they want to sell dresses, but she really bent over backwards to help me.  I felt like a princess!  Her English wasn't perfect (definitely not bad either!), but clearly she doesn't get to speak it often.  No problem though, she was more than happy to try her best, and nothing was too much bother.  Theo came with me, so yes, he's seen the dress (I'm not superstitious), and I tried on several more just so he doesn't know which one I got!  I wanted him there in case of language problems - and to give me an honest opinion of whether my derriere looked big or my lady assets looked small in my chosen outfits!  It is big (the derriere!) but I don't want it to look like it is! lol.  So, the shop owner could have just chatted to Theo in Dutch - a lot of people do that, I find.  Most speak English, but not all are comfortable to do so, so will turn to chat to Theo instead of me.  She didn't.  She spoke to me the entire time.  Theo sat drinking tea (how English is that?!) in the man corner, only allowed to stick his head in to take photos of my derriere (he is after all a man, so can't be fully trusted to give an honest opinion!)  Yes, I know I'm at fault for not speaking Dutch, but that is easier said than done!  Anyway, she was really helpful.  So, in short, I found my perfect dress straight off the rack.  I need to do a tiny adjustment, and it's so simple I don't need a seamstress, I can do it myself.  I also got my shoes and other accessories there too.  So we left with heavy arms and a somewhat lighter bank balance!  So if any of you lovely readers are watching, and thinking of getting married here, check out Esther's Bruidsshop in Almere.  It's a bridal outlet, so I think it's pot luck whether the dress you like is in your size, I don't think they can order them in or get them made for you, but the selection is massive.  I think most of the dresses are designer ones (I'm not really clued up on wedding dresses to be honest).  Even for me, a plus sized midget (by Dutch standards), there was quite a nice selection.  The service, outstanding!  We went just to be nosy really, didn't expect to walk out with a dress!  A huge choice of dresses (all different types, from the big gowns to more slimline styles).  No, they haven't paid me to write any of this lol, I'm just a genuine happy customer!

That's all I'm giving away, folks!

So, now with the real planning!  Firstly, although I'm registered here, and allowed (ok, forced) to pay Dutch taxes, I haven't officially been born yet!  Despite the fact almost all Dutchies speak perfect (or nearly perfect English), my birth, marriage and divorce certificates aren't recognised here.  So they are off being legalised (apostle stamped) at the moment.  I can live here, and pay Dutch taxes, but can't get married without those stamps.  Of course I have a valid passport, but need to prove my eligibility to get married, and non Dutch papers simply aren't recognised.  Once they're back, we can start looking at venues and set a date.  We already have a venue in mind, but as per the dress, it's completely under wraps!  Obviously we want to tell family all the details first, when we know ourselves that is, but we are busy planning all the little things, and of course I have a few craft projects lined up to go with it all!  I feel like an excited teenager!  

So, that is why I've been quiet on here, and this blog has been a bit neglected.  Nothing really to say, well I had tons to say, but couldn't say it until family knew first!

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