Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas preparations

It's been a while since I wrote a post, and my blog has been somewhat neglected these past few weeks.  Not without reason though!  I've been busy, busy, busy with Christmas preperations!  The tree we bought last year, and all new decorations needed to be sorted out, and hanging hooks/thread put on all the baubles (really should have done that when we bought them, but in fairness I was at the time too distracted by sparkly objects to notice they didn't come with any means of hanging them!)  So with the arrival of Sint Nicolas, and Dutchies putting scrawny trees (real ones, that the needles will drop off by Christmas) in their windows, with lights but not twinkling ones, I just HAD to get ours out and put up.

So out it came, our 7 ft tree.  Took us an entire evening with the help of a glass or two of the ol' vino, to put up.  It was colour coded, but that didn't help much (perhaps becuase of the vino).  Once up, we realised we've somehow lost the new lights we bought for it.  We only had 400 twinkling lights - nowhere near enough.  So the tree had to stay undecorated until Theo brought home 2000 (yep, that's right, not a typo!) twinkling bulbs (3 different sets of lights) on his way home from work the next day.  Finding twinkling lights here isn't exactly easy.  Most Dutchies seem to neglect their tree lights and are quite satisfied with static lights.....but I just have to have twinkling ones.  Anyway, we happen to know of one place that does sell them, albeit a little pricey.  So, on day two, Theo set to lighting the tree up (I supervised and pointed out when he missed bits, or had too many in one place (as if!).  That took another evening, but this time, not with the help of our old friend Vino.  The third day, I spent the entire morning hanging baubles on it whilst Theo was at work.  It looks fantastic, even if I do say so myself!

Of course, it looks better still when it's dark.  We also have a snow scene across the window sill, with one side being polar bears and cute things, the other a miniature Christmas village.  Whilst on a Christmassy waffle, I just have to show off our table decorations.  They are handmade, but not by me.  We bought them at a Christmas fayre last year.  As a teddy bear fanatic, and being miniatures, and something I don't make myself, these just had 'buy me' written all over them!  Last year we didn't have a special place to put them, but this year they have pride of place as our dining table centre piece (which isn't finished yet, but I'll do that nearer the time)....

We also have traditional hanging garlands up, and various other Yankee Candle ornaments/votives dotted about....so all in all, our lounge is looking like Santa's Grotto now....and I'm loving it!  Even the dog was walking about with a coat full of glitter, as he was in the wrong place at the wrong time as I opened one of the Christmas boxes!  I always said that only the animals are safe from being tinsled/glittered or otherwise decorated at Christmas, but even that isn't true this year!  The downside is that my craft room has been piled up with all the normal ornaments and empty Christmas boxes, and the poor housework fairy has refused to go in there, so I don't know where to start with that!  Can you tell that I like Christmas time, just a little?!!

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