Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Expat shopping!

Last night, I was blissfully wondering whether Theo had got stuck in a traffic jam on his way home from work as he was late in.  He's usually home round about 5pm.  Sometimes about quarter past if traffic is bad.  5.15pm came, no sign of him, 5.30 and still no sign.  I didn't notice the actual time he came in for the simple reason he was carrying a carrier bag with a big union jack on it!  He'd been to the expat shop!!!  In all honesty, the evening before I'd said I fancied English sausages for tea, and of course we'd run out.  I thought no more of it, so even when he was late yesterday I still didn't remember (I get distracted by sparkly objects and pretty much anything).  So we had Richmond sausages for dindins last night - YUM!!!  That wasn't all he got though...he got these two bad boys....

As somebody who has a slight Cadburys Creme Egg addiction, sourcing them over here is a little tricky.  When they got them in stock before Easter in the shop, I even knew the date she was expecting the delivery in, and dutifully turned up to buy some (of course!)  Oh yes, they had indeed been delivered on that date, but she hadn't unpacked them.  The shop owner is a Scottish lady, and not just Scottish but a Dutch speaking Scott at that!  So, as you can imagine, the news of not being able to buy my fix almost started a Scottish/English war that day!  I returned the next day for her to announce she was unpacking them and filling her shelves at 10pm the night before - so I forgave her and got my fix! I have no idea what these screme eggs are, I'm assuming they have the same taste as the normal ones, just bright green or something for Halloween.  I don't care if they glow in the dark!  I think Theo got one each for us, but he can go and eat some dubbel zout (disgusting stuff used to tar roads but Dutchies use it as some kind of throat cleaner, disinfectant.  It is in fact salty liquorice) or something, as these bad boys are mine!  I'll just blame the disappearance of the 2nd one on a neighbours cat coming in through the open window and taking off with it - if I make it sound dramatic enough, he might believe it!

Edit:  Since writing this, the strangest thing happened.  I hardly believe it myself, but I think Theo will struggle with this one.  For a start the egg was horrible, it was filled with Marmite.  So Theo won't miss his.  What happened was not a neighbours cat, I mean that is just so far fetched that it's laughable!  The culprit, and I feel a bit silly here even saying this, but the culprit is.....

You see, what happened was....whilst out for his daily exercise, Tweety, our little boy budgie, just saw this egg (only one was left by then as I ate the other!) and went a bit crazy.  HE, yes that's right (he has issues) is now sitting on the egg!  And to think I was going to make up some weird, far fetched story eh?!  So, unfortunately I don't think Theo will be getting his creme egg for a while!

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