Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Quick update

Theo's parents have been very kindly storing some of our stuff from when we moved house.  As we're (ok, I'm) so disorganised, they're still storing it.  I have a small desktop Christmas tree, and I asked Theo to pick it up from their house on his way home from work today, as I want it to take pictures of my new items to go on the site.  Well he came home, not just with that small tree.....but our entire Christmas collection.  Feel free to quote me here, but I recall saying I kinda like Christmas an ickle bit.  Here's the proof, and this is only a tiny part of it....

Almost our entire dining table (which seats 6 people) is covered in the new decorations we bought last year, and haven't even used yet.  You can't get in the lounge at the moment for boxes, as the floor is also covered!  The stuff on the table is only baubles for the main tree.  Yes, we have more than one!  The small one also gets decorated, but with my own handmade items.  Then we have the snow village disaply, and various other garlands and ornaments.....it's like a grotto at Christmas time in our house, and I love it!

So, now to the task of storing it away as I only wanted the small tree for now.  Crazy as I am, it's still a little early to start decorating the house!  I must admit though, with crafting Christmas items and now seeing all our sparkly stuff again, I am feeling a little festive already! A glass of gluhwein anyone?

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