Monday, 6 October 2014

Petunia pig

Here is my latest addition, Petunia Pig.  She is a made to order item, not OOAK, but her cuteness more than compensates for that fact!  She is firmly felted from 100% Corriedale wool, and has handmade clay eyes.  She measures 5cm in length, and 3 cm tall, although her size can vary slightly as each item will be slightly different.  She is available to order now via my website.  How can you not give a loving home to this little cutie?!

I'm still working on a wall hanging at the moment, but have also added some felted hearts to my shop.  As always, they're firmly felted using Corriedale wool, and are available in colour you desire.  What better way of showing your love for someone than this token gift, made with love itself!  They can be found here.  Meanwhile, I'm off to finish my wall hanging, TTFN folks!

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