Sunday, 26 October 2014

Micro crochet pig

Just a quick post here, as I've just realised it's koopzondag today (shopping Sunday).  Although shops are now allowed to open here on Sundays, in reality except in the big towns, they stick to the last Sunday of the month only.  So today is it, and Theo is already securing his wallet, hiding the car keys and faking extreme tiredness!

Just wanted to share my latest creation, which will be available on my site probably tomorrow (possibly today if Theo wins the anti shopping campaign!).  I've been working on a few micro crochet items, and here is the first finished design:

I have a couple of other micro projects on the go (of course!), but am still working on them, and tweaking the designs.  I've always wanted to make a dollshouse.  We don't have room for one at the moment, but I can work on a few miniatures in the meantime!  If/one day I do get around to making one, I know exactly how I want it.  I don't want any kits, I really want to make it all from scratch.  The parts that I can't make myself (wooden furniture for example), I'll seek out from other crafters.  So it really will be a big project, but it's on the back burners for now.  I can still work on a few micro/minis though!

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