Friday, 3 October 2014

Impromptu day out

Today was such glorious weather, (it's not often that I say that, as I hate the heat in the summer, and the rest of the year I moan that I'm cold, but today was perfect) that we decided to take a trip to the zoo (again).  Being Friday, it was fairly quiet as most people are working.  Theo doesn't work Fridays (I call him a part timer, much to his annoyance!), so off we went this afternoon.  This time, I went armed with my camera.  If it moved, I snapped it.  Got some beautiful piccies for my albums, far too many to know what to do with them, but I just love animals.  Duke was pleased to say hello to his donkey friends again!  I lost count of how many kids admired our 'grote hond' which always tickles me, knowing their parents have paid a small fortune for a big family day out to the zoo, and the highlight is a big dog!  There were still quite a few kids there despite it being a school day, or perhaps not as it seems Dutch kids don't always have school on Fridays (not sure on that one, and Theo is too old to remember!).  Normally Duke tries to make friends with one of the big cats, or the Rhino, or some other huge and dangerous animal that he really shouldn't want to play with.  But I got a taste of my own medicine, in that we bought an annual subscription for the zoo because the dog loves going so much.....and his favourite thing to see there.....are the donkeys!  Well he likes the tigers and monkeys too, but the donkeys appear to be his firm favourites!

Hello to the fellow Brit who drove up behind us while we stopped for a MacD's on the way home!
I'm not normally the best at taking photos, but took some real beauties today.  It must be a fluke!  Or thanks to my new camera.  We have a very tired out doggy now too, which is never a bad thing!  For any readers out there, I hope you enjoy the piccies as much as I enjoyed taking them.  I could go there every day, I love watching the animals, and see something new each time!

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