Sunday, 19 October 2014

Gloomy Sunday

Today I'm just having a lazy day.  It's rather gloomy out, not raining but it's definitely threatening it.  I have a bit of a headache, but it's probably due to the weather, so I'm just chilling today!

On Friday we went to a big craft fair in Venray, near to the German border.  Theo had bought tickets from an auction site.  They normally sell at €8 each on the door, but we paid €6 euros for 4 tickets (even though there's only the two of us!).  I was expecting to see finished crafts but there was very little of that indeed!  It was mostly craft supplies, and most of that was either card making or beading supplies.  To top it all, most vendors were even selling the stuff as one another too!  So it was a big disappointment after an hour and a halfs drive each way.  I'm very glad indeed we didn't pay the full €16 for the two of us to go in!  What a rip off if ever there was!  You can bet the stall holders also paid a fair bit to be there too.  It was in what looked like an industrial warehouse, or DIY base from the outside, but on entering, it was like a 4 star hotel lobby.  Dim lighting, a big posh information desk with staff in penguin suits, and beautiful pine cone/pot pourri arrangements on the desk, so I think you were paying for the venue.  I did however manage to stock up on some beads, some of which I've actually been looking for, so it wasn't a wasted trip, but was far from the craft fair I was expecting and hoping to see!  I've been searching for months for some little silver 'hand made' or 'made with love' charms.  Found them on both UK and US sites, but was reluctant to order from either simply because of the postage prices from buying abroad.  Me trying to do a google search for them in Dutch however, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!  Theo also tried googling it for me, but he doesn't really have much of a clue with craft things, and all he pulled up was beading supplies for jewellery, not the charms I was after.  So, now I have them, and know where to get them from in future!

bought some new beads for my collection!

I did see one very unusual craft there though.  A lady was selling the most unusual handbags I've ever seen, and I was actually drooling over one of them, but Theo had that look on his face as if to say I have enough already (the same look he has on his face when I enter a shoe shop!).  They were made from recycled bicycle inner tubes (no pun intended!)  I didn't realise that at first, but was curious as to what they were made from, as they looked like leather but obviously felt quite rubbery.  They felt nice, very tactile actually.  It wasn't just handbags, she was also selling keyrings with these rubbery flowers (quite intricate) and other accessories, but I was drawn to the bags!  I wish now I'd bought one, but I think Theo would have had a meltdown if I had!  I was also admiring some magnetic jewellery on another stall.  The stallholder there, who was a man, thought I was German!  I suppose being that close to the border, they're known to escape at times! :P  So after telling him I'm 'engels', he then got to practice his English and I got to try on some sparkly items!  Unfortunately all of his items were only silver or brass plated, and I just destroy it.  I must have very acidic skin as plated jewellery only lasts a matter of hours on me.  I think Theo was relieved they were only plated too, as his wallet survived the ordeal!

I'm working on a new project at the moment.  I've crocheted ever since I was a child, but in my mission to make smaller and smaller items, I'm now venturing onto trying micro crochet!  I'm loving it!  I've never been one of those who enjoys making things from chunky wool just because it grows quick.  That's never been my style at all, but those who know me are thinking I've really lost the plot now!  Anyway, here's a glimpse into what I'm making currently.  Can you guess what it's going to be???  No prizes, I'm afraid, and yes, that is just regular sewing thread!

my latest ongoing project - micro crochet!

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