Thursday, 9 October 2014

Finished my wall hanging!

The moment you've all been waiting for (or perhaps not, as the case may be!).  I've finally finished designing my wall hanging.  It took me a while to decide how to weight the project, as felted items are so light, so I realised it needed something substantial to finish it off and I really wanted to stick with the natural theme.

The hearts themselves are firmly needle felted, of course, and each has a plain wooden, unvarnished button sewn on.  It is strung with natural hemp thread, and finally weighted at the bottom with a small modelled clay heart to match.  This was the part I deliberated on for so long, as I work with polymer clay, and I really didn't want the bright/gaudy colours, nor did I want plain black or white.  Whilst unwinding for the night last night, the idea just came to me, so I just had to finish it there and then.  So I burnt the candle at both ends yesterday, finally going to bed at gone 2 am, after baking clay at midnight!  I created a very rough and rustic looking heart, which was the intention!  I love it so much, that I'm keeping one for myself, and it has pride of place hanging from my memo/blackboard in my very own craft den.  Said craft den is my own tiny space in the world that I can be me, and am surrounded by the few material things I really like.  I'm not somebody's girlfriend, dog owner or anybody else in here (I'm writing from my little cubby hole right now!).  I'm not a materialistic person.  Of course I like nice things, but most shop bought things have little or no meaning to me at all (unless somebody special bought or gave them to me).  But my craft area is my little space in the world where my ideas come to life, and I can express myself in whatever way I choose.  So here is a very small glimpse into my world, and with my latest creation too!

The last picture was taken in my lounge, where I have modern, contemporary glass furniture, just to show it blends in there too.  It's real home is in a rustic/chabby chic/vintage kind of decor though.

I have to admit, I spent several minutes removing all my notes and bits and pieces from the memo board to take photos, as it's normally so cluttered!  Everything goes on that board, from notes about which colour shades I used on a certain creation (in case I'm working in poor light conditions of an evening), to things I need to order/replace, to our personal food shopping list, and even when the dogs vaccinations etc are life is on that board!  It didn't make for pretty photos though!  So now, I am back to the task of cluttering up my memo board, as that's how I like it.  I'm the most disorganised person ever, but that board is my life saver, as it stores everything that is too much for my little brain to remember!  So my own wall hanging has pride of place there.

I'm really hoping it doesn't rain later, as I really fancy taking a nice stroll along the beach.  I absolutely love a beach walk on a slightly chilly and blustery day.  There's nothing quite like it to blow those cobwebs away, as they say.  I'm not so keen on getting wet, however.  So, I'm waiting for Theo to finish work, and perhaps we'll take a trip to Scheveningen.  A proud moment for me, was when I was told I can pronounce it better than German people can.....I believe there's a bit of a joke there, stemming back to one of the world wars, when it was used as a secret password by troops to differentiate spys!  Of course Germans speak and understand Dutch reasonably well, but that was one word most had difficulties pronouncing.  I however, can say it like a true Dutchie now!  It's about the only word I can say, and it really doesn't get me very far in day to life here.  Nontheless, I'm proud!

My, where has this morning gone?!  It's 2.30 pm and I haven't even had lunch yet!  I'm surprised my bottonless pit (tummy) hasn't started rioting!  I'm off to make a quick sandwhich, because if I don't, I will start raiding chocolates/crisps all afternoon (what's left of it!)

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