Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A new arrival!

Look who I just found rummaging about in my Yukka plant!  A cute little ladybird!  I decided to call her Lucky, as gardeners consider these creatures just that.  Of course I didn't really find her there, I needle felted her.

As somebody who is terrified beyond belief of any kind of insect that flies or crawls, or simply just standing still even, I decided to make a cute bug.  I'm under no illusions that it will help in any way to conquer my fear, but this is one bug I'm not scared of!  I have one sat on my keyboard in my craft den. as a kinda good luck mascot, and to remind myself of how irrational I can be at times!  I know most bugs can't even hurt you, but try telling me that if one comes near me!  Yep, even ladybirds and butterflies, as pretty as they are, send me into a frenzy.  It's the legs.  They are very similar to spiders legs, and that is just my worst fear ever.  So now I have Lucky sat on my keyboard, to remind me how daft I am at times.  She is also available to order in my shop, as she's just too cute not to share.

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