Friday, 31 October 2014

A back to basics project

Last night was of course late night shopping in town, so of course I did my duty and went along!  Theo made the fatal mistake of nipping in to the barbers....leaving me unsupervised to shop in peace!  I've been wanting to make a traditional granny blanket for a while, and as wool is so costly, I've been putting it off.  I never seem to have a good enough supply of scraps I can use (and most of the wool I tend to use is too fine for a blanket anyway), so I decided to do it using some of the cheapest wool I can find.  Hema!  Not only is it cheap, it also has a good reputation for it's quality.  So much so that they even sell a book of Hema knitting patterns from over the years!  I didn't buy the book, as obviously it's all in Dutch, but I did have a giggle looking through some of the old patterns.  Back from my childhood era and way beyond that.  Some designs looked very familiar to the awful jumpers I've seen in my own childhood photos.  Somewhere, I have a photo of my brother and I as toddlers wearing matching green and aran jumpers.  I suppose they were the in thing at the time, but I cringe seeing it now!  No, I'm not going to publish the picture!!!  Some patterns were very clearly Dutch fashion too, and as I can't say anything nice about them, I'm going to keep quiet!

So I bought three shades of a thickish wool, the equivalent of DK, maybe even slightly thicker, but definitely not chunky.  So I'm going back to basics with this project.  Ok, I'm not using scraps, which traditionally granny square blankets were made from, but I am using just basic and cheap wool.  It's only a personal project, but I remember from my childhood having my very own crocheted granny blanket.  Times that I was ill, I'd get tucked up in bed with it.  With winter well and truly on it's way, I fancy having an 'old' blanket I can snuggle up with in front of the telly on a cold day.  It's also something I can work on with no pressure or deadline.

I also managed to snap up a new handbag whilst shopping!  My spree was cut short by Theo coming out of the barbers - there was a massive sale in one of the shoe shops.  Had I not taken so long in choosing wool, I might have made it before getting caught!  There's always next week for that though!  (Or if he reads this, while he's at work!)

Soon to be granny squares blanket

The colours in the picture aren't very accurate.  It's not very good lighting today, as it's cloudy and gloomy, and I didn't play around with the camera settings.  The pink is in fact more of a dark salmon pink, and the blue is a lovely slate blue shade, so not as bright as they appear in the photo.  I am of course working on some miniatures (both crocheted, and felted) too, but this is just a personal project to break it up a bit.

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