Monday, 29 September 2014

Woodland Walk

After a whole month of annual leave and a last very busy weekend, Theo has gone back to work.  So the early mornings have recommenced!  I'm not a morning person!

Theo, who celebrated his 21st for the umpteenth time, had his main celebrations on Saturday.  His brothers and nephew descended on us for the usual Dutch cake and coffee, and the Monopoly board made it's bi-annual appearance.  I normally Monopolize that board, but due to it being the first appearance in our new home, with new furniture (glass dining table), I was unable to cheat undetected as they could all see what I was up to, trying to hide cards, and secretly unmortgage my properties under the table!  I got owned for the first time ever!  I'm sure everybody cheats at Monopoly, but Theo's family are the worst for that.  They met their match when I joined the family!  Now they are wise to my tricks though!  So for the first time, we managed to play a game with absolutely no cheating on either side.  The first game we ever played, they all trusted me....a sweet, innocent, naive, English lady, who could do no wrong, but those days are long since past!  Note to self, only play Monopoly at their house(s), they don't have glass dining tables!

Yesterday we had planned on a day out at the zoo, but on arrival the queue at the entrance was huge, and the car park full.  So with a very hyped up dog, we did the only thing we could....turn around and head back via the forest!  So we took a nice Sunday afternoon stroll through the woods.  Although not in full autumn colours just yet, it still looked beautiful.  The trees are still mostly green and summery looking, but the ground was littered with fallen leaves.  The dog loved it (as usual!).  It's been a while since we took him there as we've been rather busy lately, so he had a long awaited run off the lead.  Only once we'd ventured a little way in though, as we weren't the only ones to have that idea.  There were dog walkers everywhere!  Our dog loves other dogs, a little too much at times, as no matter how big or small they are, male or female, he just wants to play!  Because of his size, a lot of other dogs aren't so keen, so we're always worried he'll get bitten.  He did find a few willing play buddies though.

Autumn is very much my favourite time of year, and I was eager to see the changing colours in the forest, so it was a little disappointing as it's still too soon for that.  Nontheless, we did see some beautiful signs of the changing season....

They can't see me here!

Ready or not, here I come!

Wild mushrooms

Wild flowers in the meadow

Starting to look autumny

Could this be the first sign of winter?!

Mission accomplished, a tired doggy!

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