Monday, 8 September 2014

Website is now live!

After spending almost all my waking hours for the past couple of weeks working on the website, I'm pleased to announce it is now fully live!  My computer survived the ordeal, despite being threatened with evicted via the nearest window on quite a few occasions.  There are still a few visual things I want to tweak, but other than that, it should be fully functioning!  For anybody who wishes to take a peek and doesn't want to search my profile, the site is

Due to not moving very much from my computer desk, I've now developed a bit of a frozen shoulder.  Well, it isn't really my shoulder, but entire upper back, and not just a 'bit', but it's kaput! I was feeling rather stiff and achy yesterday, but just carried on (as you do!), and woke during the night completely unable to turn over, sit up or move at all.  I did of course manage it eventually or I wouldn't be here writing this now.  I'm quite sure it's due to sitting in one position for too long (as that is the only position I'm comfortable in now!  It's at times like this I really miss not having a bath to soak in.  Most Dutch households have showers only.  So, after a little moaning and groaning, he who mustn't be obeyed searched every cupboard, nook and cranny known to man for the tub of tiger balsam.  All to no avail.  It doesn't warrant a trip to the doctors, as I'm sure it will pass in a day or two.  It does warrant a trip to the local pharmacy though, but, unlike in England, without a prescription you are unable to get anything stronger than a Polo mint from the chemist!  So  I will just have to soldier on!  So I shall have to keep this brief, as I think perhaps I should venture outside (or anywhere away from this desk and screen) to give my aching body a rest.  Well, being a red head, the sun is not exactly my best friend, so, on second thoughts, perhaps I should take myself, along with some wool and felting needles to the sofa!  TTFN!

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