Friday, 19 September 2014

Crafting Friday

I had a very nice evening out on Wednesday.  Theo whisked me off my feet on a romantic candlelit canal boat cruise in Amsterdam!  Perfect timing, as he bought me a brand spanking new camera, which arrived that very morning.  I would love to show off my wonderful photos, and would do so if it wasn't for the fact that most of them either showed a certain persons derriere, full face, back of head, or part of his 10 foot long super duper extending lens.  This person was only about 3 feet tall anyway (ok, slight exaggeration), but his super duper extending lens protruded into every single photo I tried to take.  I didn't take many as I was quite content with sitting back and enjoying the view (when his derriere wasn't in it!).  In all fairness, he wasn't alone.  His family (or maybe friends, I'm not sure) were also there, but they weren't armed with cameras and ninja lightning speed manoevres to get between you and the water itself (I was tempted, believe me, to accidentally cough and give him a shove!).  There was another equally pain in the rear, but that guy was very clearly on his own, and although he leapt over our table numerous times, he did manage to keep his backside out of our faces!

Anyway, here is one such photo.  If anyone sees this guy on their travels, give him a shove!  Whether off the side of a boat, or plane, into oncoming traffic on the A1, or whatever it takes to disable that uber long lens from sticking in your face.  I didn't deliberately snap him by the way, but it was impossible not to!  So here he is:

I'm busy working on a Birthday present for Theo's Mum at the moment, but have also found time to write out a crochet pattern.  I've been making little miniature acorns from embroidery thread just for fun and photo props.  So  I thought I'd share the pattern with any readers.  It's available (for free) by clicking on the photo below.  (It will direct you to my website, in a new window).  Feel free to use the pattern for personal use, but kindly do not sell either the finished products or pattern itself.  If you wish to copy the pattern, or use it on your own site/blog, please do so but only with acknowledgement to me, the original author.  Enjoy! :) 

 Free miniature acorn pattern

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