Friday, 12 September 2014

Birthday gal

So today, despite my best efforts to keep it a secret, I'm celebrating yet another 21st!  Yep, that's right, sweet 21....I wish!  I already decided to keep it as low key as possible, even instructing Theo that I'm having a strict 'no prezzie' day.  His birthday is less than 2 weeks away anyway, so we both decided to have a day out or go for a nice meal as a joint celebration as we're rather low on funds at the moment.  In all honesty, there's nothing I either wanted or needed anyway.   Well, that's not quite true as I could always do with a new pair of Jimmy Choos (I'm dreaming again!), but an evening out is what I'd really like.

Anyway, yesterday Theo popped out to buy some bread, and after half an hour or so of him still not returning, I just knew he was up to no good.  He eventually came home with a big Albert Heijn shopping bag, and I could see several small carriers inside it, so it confirmed my suspicions.  He'd been SHOPPING!  If I even suspect there may be a present somewhere, I just revert back to a 5 year old, in that I just have to find it, and take a peek.  I even have that skill mastered.  I can unwrap a present, and wrap it back up without it looking like it's been tampered with.  I know it spoils the surprise, but it's the inner child in me, and I cannot control it!  So I followed him into the kitchen, and he pulled all these goodies out of the giant shopping bag.....he'd been to the Expat (British) shop in town!  So, for a brief moment I was convinced that was the reason behind his guilty grin!  Out came Richmond sausages, followed by tinned spaghetti (I'm so going to have spaghetti on toast with cheese and marmite for lunch!), Twirl bars (what I wouldn't do to be able to buy them with my weekly food shopping!), Bisto (that's not a luxury, it's a must for me) and some of my other favourite goodies.  Theo still had that guilty look on his face, so once he'd put the shopping away I even inspected the empty bag.  Nope, nothing.  That must mean he's hidden my prezzie in the car then, so I'll just have to get the keys and search it, I thought.  So that was my aim all day yesterday!  I didn't get the keys - anybody who is as childish as I am with prezzies will understand that you mustn't get caught snooping!  So I resumed my felting project but with the intention of getting his keys if his attention slipped long enough.  It didn't happen.  It turned out he'd hidden my wrapped prezzie in one of the boxes I store my felting wool in - and I was actually felting, and did go in that very box, but luckily the colours I wanted were right at the top, so I didn't see what he'd hidden!  His normal hiding place is in the ironing pile, as he (rightly) says that's the one place I never go!  I do occasionally, but it's a job I really hate, so I tend to put it off for as long as possible but he exaggerates a little!  He's got wise to that though, so it turns out it was hidden right under my nose the entire time!  I need to revise and expand my hunting zones in future, it seems!

Anyway, I've started a new project.  I'm working on a needle felted dollshouse bear.  Something I haven't tried before, so I'm hoping it will turn out well.  Although I do miniatures, this is taking it to extremes.  He (I think it will be a 'he', but sometimes I change my mind) will be 5 way thread jointed.  I still have his arms and head to make.  Most bear makers or felters that I know of, all say they start with the head.  I just can't do that.  The head is my favourite part to make.  It's the most intricate, but it's only when the head is being created that he/she starts to come to life.  It's then that I finally decide on his or her gender.  I usually start off deciding it will be a boy bear and then change my mind while making the head!  So, here is a sneak preview, but he/she has no arms or head yet so doesn't even resemble a bear at all

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