Friday, 12 September 2014

Behind the scenes of the making of a dolls house bear

I have now finished the dolls house bear.  Here are a few piccies of him coming to life!

Help!  I can't see!

Ah, that's better!  Boy, my maker is ugly!  Take 'em back off!

Nah, still not feeling quite right, I'm in bits here!

Finito! I'm now 5-way thread jointed

Well now I'm just showing off!

I'm off to chill for the rest of my birthday, and think of a name for this little boy.  I really want to call him 'Ginger' (only a fellow redhead can call another by that name, so as one, I wish to exercise my right to leave this option open!), but I think that sounds a bit girlie, and he's definitely a boy bear, so I shall have to give it some thought.  He should be available on my website tomorrow (need to configure shipping rates for him as he's far too small to go by courier.  Letterbox parcel is quite sufficient, but I don't feel like spending the rest of my evening beating my computer to a pulp, so it can wait until tomorrow!

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