Saturday, 30 August 2014

Passed the Dutch Interrogation Test!

This is just a quick update, as I need to do the dreaded weekly food shopping shortly (I'm stalling here!).  I passed the Dutch Interrogation Test (interview at the chamber of commerce!).  It was by no means an interrogation test at all, I might add, and I had absolutely no reason to have been nervous either!  It all went very smoothly.  The lady I saw there not only spoke very good English (I suspected he or she would do, but would have to conduct the entire thing in Dutch for legal reasons) and was really friendly and laid back.  So I had no need to take my bicycle into the room with me after all.  I'm very glad I didn't even attempt it!  I did of course have to sign all the paperwork, which was in Dutch.  Being an expat means that reading the small print well and truly goes out of the window.  So I may have inadvertently signed my life away and not even realise it, but I'm sure it's fine!

So, to cut it short as some celebratory Stroopwafels from Albert Heijn (Dutch equivalent of Tesco's) are calling me:  I am now fully legal and offical!  (As stated before, I was never illegal!)  I am officially free to trade, and am working like crazy to get the website and running.  But first, a certain Dutch delicacy has my name written all over them, and I'm off to retrieve them right now!

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