Thursday, 28 August 2014

A little hiccup!

Today is not a great day!  Things are just not going as planned.  Do they ever?!  Let me explain and bore you all stupid.  I originally had the idea of setting up my own website and work from home business several years ago.  It was nothing but a dream, of course.  Then things happened in my real life, brought me down to reality and put the brakes on my dreams for a while.  I met a Dutch man!  I won't bore you with all that mushy stuff, but it was never on the cards for me to move half way across Europe.  That is one thing I don't regret.  Whilst in the throws of moving over here, my lovely Dutchie knew about all my then crazy dreams and aspirations, and fully supported me with them.  I told him I wanted a website, not filled with adverts of sponsoring links like so many of them are.  He knew what I meant, and instantly said we need to do it ourselves.  Get site hosting, buy domain names etc.  I'm clueless with anything technical, so I just nodded and agreed.  We did all that, and have slowly worked on the site bit by bit.  I wasn't fully ready to commit until now.  I finally set a date, and my dream was unfolding as a reality before my eyes.

Behind the scenes was going fine, or so we thought.  About 6 months ago, we had to upgrade the site builder software we were using.  They now have a newer version.  It happens!  So it set us back a little in that we had to rebuild what we'd already done.  No problem though, that was relatively quick and painless.  So here I am now, 100% committed, ready to go live as it were, ready to go legal.  (I wasn't illegal or anything before, I might add.  It's only now that I'm ready to jump in and fully take the plunge).  I have an appointment with the local Dutch chamber of commerce tomorrow, so it's almost all official and ready to go.  Official, it is, but ready to go is now very, very debatable.  Over the last few weeks, we've had nothing but errors and crashes, and being frozen out on the back end of our website.  I say 'our' as it's my project, but He Who Mustn't Be Obeyed' (aka Theo.  He likes to maintain his privacy, but for the sake of not getting repetitive strain injury from using his full title, I'll be naughty and use his real name!) is the chief technical/coding guy (allocated to that task by yours truly!).  So, upon filing numerous support tickets with our hosting company, they've now told us they don't support the latest version of PHP and that therefore the errors, and being frozen out of our site etc, are our own fault.  These errors have only occurred over the past couple of weeks, but we upgraded our site builder (which uses this latest version of PHP) almost 6 months ago.  Call me silly, but that looks to me like our hosting company is trying to make us believe that 2+2 =anything but 4!  The problem is very clearly their end, not user error on our part, or a problem with our software.  I don't even believe it's an incompatibility issue, as, if it were, we would have encountered problems when we upgraded back in March.  Are your heads spinning yet?!  Mine is!  Sorry about that! 

So, to cut a long and technical story short, we are now looking for a new hosting company.  Months and months of work just completely wasted.  There is no way I want users on my site to be compromised by me using out of date and insecure software.  I have to be totally honest here when I say I don't have a clue what I'm doing when it comes to any of the technical stuff.  Theo does though, and he's in total agreeance with me.  So, we have a slight hiccup in that we're unlikely to have a functioning website any time soon.  So I shall have to resort to plan B.  There never was a Plan B, but there is now!  I shall not be defeated.  I shall open up an E-bay, Etsy or similar shop, as a temporary measure.  I'm done bashing my head against a brick wall for today.  The hosting company can go on a funny run, and I shall go walk my doggie, and then sit and work on a new bear I think!

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